Post merger integration?
Transforming your business?

Get your organisation behind your plan.

We are C-Suite Leadership Communication

We are specialists in internal communication and change management. We work with ambitious clients who transform their business, restructure their organisation or manage post-merger integration. Clients who really need to get the organisation behind their plans.

We help them to effectively articulate their vision and ambitions, to engage managers and to mobilise staff. And to keep the organisation focused until all ambitions have been realised.

  • "We need to adjust our strategy and take some radical cost measures. How do we deal with the commotion this will cause?"

  • "My management team agrees on the strategy, but I still feel we are not all on the same page yet. What can I do about this?"

  • “We have launched a new strategy. How can we mobilise our people?"

  • "I want much more focus in the organisation, how can I really impact peoples priorities?"

  • "The culture and mentality in our organisation hampers our strategy. How can we remove that obstacle?"

  • "My senior management should now claim ownership of the strategy but all they do is look up. How can I make sure they take on the role I expect them to take?"

  • "We are about to take over a competitor. What can we do to make people collaborate rather than fight over positions and cultural differences?"

When can we support you?

A complex transformation
A complex transformation

You are investing heavily in transformation projects. But projects deliver only the building blocks for change. We help you engage the organisation and create the common will to make your transformation a success.

Post merger integration
Post merger integration

An integration process takes up a lot of time and energy. We help you to quickly align the merged organisation behind a shared vision. Because alignment is the best enabler of a smooth integration.

A tough reorganisation
A tough reorganisation

We help you control commotion, limit the impact on overall performance and make staff feel informed and respected throughout the process. Creating a sound basis for building on once the reorganisation is complete.

Our approach to mobilising organisations

For us, change leadership is not some sort of mystical innate talent. We have helped many executive teams successfully mobilise their organisation and realise fundamental changes. And that is not something airy fairy. It is just a matter of personal engagement and doing the right things right. Klick on the building blocks to learn more.

So what can we do for you?

Our consultants and managers combine expertise in leadership, communication and change management. We are convinced that essential change can never be realised by projects or support functions alone, but first and foremost by inspired leaders. We offer pragmatic support to directors and management teams to help create a real impact. This can take various shapes.

Compelling vision

Helping to translate strategy into a truly compelling vision that staff across the organisation can relate to.

Executive team alignment

Helping executive teams to align around a clear set of shared ambitions and priorities.

Communication and change roadmap

Developing an advanced communication and change strategy to mobilise managers and staff.

Building a leading coalition

Setting up and activating a ‘leading coalition’ of key managers who are committed and take responsibility for leading change.

Communication management

Developing and executing effective communications and creating a platform that reaches and touches people across the organisation.

Change monitoring

Developing a dashboard and the instruments to steer efforts in the field of communication and change management and to monitor effectiveness.

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