A simple story of change

What do people need when their organisations change? Is it clear communication about the objectives of the change and the various projects? Yes. But there’s more. People also need a clear view of [...]

Hang on to your willie!

Some time ago, I had the opportunity to watch three management layers of a large company in action in a project. They gave me a riveting example of a fear driven culture. The lowest level, layer [...]

Not a clue

Imagine this – the Executive Board of a multinational is in a meeting and item six on its agenda reads: review corporate values after the crisis. Over the past few years I have seen a growing [...]

Groping in the dark

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). It’s almost something of a buzzword these days. The best way to describe the symptoms is a ‘storm in your head’, which makes it very difficult to stay focused. I [...]

The strategic paradox

A CEO presented his long-prepared strategic vision at a large internal meeting. He got a positive, but not overly enthusiastic response. “Wonderful ambition, but we would first need to deal with [...]

Rigorous choices

When organisations go through a period of fundamental change, complaints are often heard about internal communication. Information lacks clarity, people don’t get the big picture, questions [...]

A matter of perspective

In a meeting with the CIO of a large organisation we discussed a new approach to improve risk awareness. And discovered that beliefs about what drives behaviour can differ. Improving risk [...]

Mind the Gap!

Whenever I visit clients I try to overhear people talking in lifts, canteens and the coffee bar. It helps me understand the general beliefs within the organisation. When people talk about the [...]

Stop Changing!

At C-Suite we are in business mostly because organisations are always changing. Change, I hear, is the only constant. That’s absolutely true, but does that also make it necessary and unavoidable? [...]