Our clients

We work with leaders and the key professionals supporting them.

About our clients

We have built long term client relationships with organisations in many sectors, from banking and insurance, construction and retail through to the public sector and education. What our client organisations have in common is their leaders’ desire to realise fundamental changes.

We work closely with those leaders. But surely also with the other professionals involved. We believe that managing change should be a joint effort of the executive team and key people in support functions such as Strategy, HR and Communication. Ideally we work in the background and create productive working relations with and among everyone involved.

To give you an impression of our work, we have listed a number of non-confidential projects below. If you are interested to work with us and want to find out what that would be like, we are happy to connect you to relevant clients.

Key projects

Supporting the board of this international retailer in developing a compelling vision and change roadmap, conducting a smooth reorganisation, and mobilising employees in a process of repositioning the brand, upgrading the store concept and creating a more professional organisation.

Supporting one of The Netherlands’ most iconic retailers with a complete transformation, encompassing renewal of the furmula and brand, adapting the organisation and changing the culture.

Working with the executive board of this large building company on developing a transformational vision and strategy to deal with the new post-crisis market reality. And helping the key divisions to engage management and staff in delivering the strategy and the fundamental changes required.

Supporting the integration of all banking activities into one entity and the roll out of one global banking strategy. Supporting the Wholesale Banking unit with rolling out its part of the strategy worldwide, with additional projects in Belgium, Central and Eastern Europe and at the Real Estate Finance unit. Working with ING Belgium to transform its banking activities, embed a new mindset and behaviours in the organisation and engage staff with boosting commercial success.

Working with the management team of the faculty Health, Sports and Social Work to redefine their vision on these professional practice areas and develop an integrated strategy for the next years. Involving professionals from all sub-domains of the faculty in order to create buy-in and ensure their active engagement with realising the shared ambitions and priorities.

Helping the managing board of the Dutch Driver Licensing Agency with transforming the organisation into a modern, efficient, client-focused public services provider. Including rebuilding trust after years of social conflict, engaging employees in redefining and improving the customer journey and working with the broader management to improve collaboration.

Supporting this global brewer with engaging it’s senior leaders worldwide with a new strategy. And with rolling out an employee engagement strategy to turn employees into active ambassadors, not just of the brands but also of the company.

Supporting this cooperative financial services provider with articulating its strategic ambitions and priorities more effectively in order to create a stronger focus and sense of urgency across all parts of the organisation.

Helping this Belgian bank with engaging management and staff in executing a new transformational strategy, while preparing minds for the merger and integration with Beobank. Therefore strengthening the internal communication and the communication role of managers across the organisation.

Supporting the managing board of this retail holding company in defining its people & culture change agenda, as part of a extensive transformation process. Working with the board of directors of six different operating companies to further specify the change agenda for each retail chain and make it actionable.