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Professionals driven by the desire to create impact.

Our team

C-Suite Leadership Communication was founded in 2009 by Michiel van Delden. “The idea emerged a long time ago, when I was working with a larger consulting firm. This firm had a lot of change management expertise but was not always successful in creating a real impact. However, in cases where we had the opportunity to work closely with the people at the helm, we were able to do some amazing things. So I started dreaming of founding a kind of ‘McKinsey for change management’. I really believe that we can realise just any thinkable change, by adding communication and change management expertise to the drive of committed leaders. That is exactly what we are doing every day at C-Suite.”

Michiel took his master’s degree in Communication Science from the University of Amsterdam. After his graduation, he was one of the founders of CO-efficient, a communication research company, where he specialised in the area of internal communication.

By the end of the 90’s he joined consulting firm Twynstra Gudde to further developed his expertise of change management and leadership. He worked with a wide range of local and international clients, such as the Ministry of Infrastructure, Nuon, Wessanen, Rabobank, De Lage Landen and the Dutch railways.

In 2003 Michiel was appointed Head of Internal Communication at ABN AMRO. At the bank he further built his international experience and his board room consulting skills. He was involved in many large scale transformation, restructuring and outsourcing programmes. And in post merger integration, most notably with the acquisition of Banca Antonveneta.

The launch of C-Suite was initally planned in 2007. But the take-over and split-up of ABN AMRO kept him at the bank for two more years, to be involved in what was probably the most complicated and turbulent transformation ever. In 2009 he finally left to found C-Suite Leadership Communication.

  • Inge Rohde
    Inge Rohde Associate partner

    A seasoned communication and change professional who works in consulting roles as well as in interim communication director positions. She combines a strong strategic approach with the drive to create concrete results. Inge connects easily with executives, middle managers and support functions such as Strategy and HR, thus firmly embedding communication in the broader change process.

  • Martje Kemperman
    Martje Kemperman Associate partner

    A highly experienced communication professionals who  understands business as well as human relations, and who knows how to build bridges between strategy and execution. Martje is enthusiastic, constructively critical, extremely client-focused. And driven to find innovative solutions and realise concrete results. In addition to her consuting work Martje also works as a trainer and business coach.

  • Marjolein Huls
    Marjolein Huls Associate partner

    A communication and change professional with a background in Business Administration, Marjolein has a broad view on bringing strategy to life. Her experience includes working for large corporates as well as public sector organisations. She designs strategy communication programmes, facilitates management team sessions and provides storytelling training as an effective lever for creating change.